Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to tell the baby’s gender?

Yes, in most cases we can provide an indication of the sex of the baby.  We cannot, however, guarantee that your baby will cooperate during your session.  Factors such as body tissue content, developmental stage and fetal positions all affect the ability to clearly determine gender.

Is 4D covered by insurance?

This is an elective procedure so they do not cover it. We do accept credit card payment by Square or cash.  This scan DOES NOT replace any prenatal exam, all women must be under the care of a physician to establish their due date, screen for anomalies , and diagnose any other pregnancy related issues.  The images from this appointment will not be reviewed by a physician.

How much does it cost?

Joyful Glimpse has packages to accommodate nearly everyone and nearly every budget. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for specials throughout the year to make it even more affordable.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. This studio relies on timely appointments.  If you are requesting an after hours or weekend appointment, please contact me directly.  Please allow 48 hours notice for cancellations. Any cancellations less than 24 hours may be subject to a $25 late cancellation fee. Any no show appointments will be subject to a $50 no show fee.  Feel free to contact me directly if you need to make special accommodations, I want everyone to feel comfortable while they meet their baby.

Is 3D/4D ultrasound safe for my baby?

Extensive studies over 40 years have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any maternal or fetal harm. Routine diagnostic exams of all pregnancies is considered normal procedure and 3/4D scanning uses the same type and intensity of soundwaves as traditional 2D scans. The difference is in the post processing of the images.  Published studies can be viewed on Dr. Joseph Woo’s website. He is a highly respected source for reliable information on maternal-fetal medicine:

Will I always get a beautiful 3D picture of my baby?

In most cases you will. However it is dependent on your baby’s position, gestational age, position of the placenta, amount of fluid, and mother’s body habitus. I promise to make every effort to get the best images, even if we need to do a complimentary rescan. I strive to make your appointment a memorable experience.

May I bring friends and family?

Yes! I encourage you to bring your support team. At this time, my office is small, but I am willing to accommodate the best that I can.

How far along should I be for a 3D/4D ultrasound?

If you are planning on only one scan, I recommend being between 24-32 weeks. However, fantastic images are definitely possible between 18-32 weeks. Many mothers choose the 2-visit package to see the baby’s growth from second to third trimester. If you are blessed with twins, scanning before 30 weeks is optimal.

How should I prepare for my scan?

Beginning 3-4 days before your appointment, drink plenty of water to ensure that here is optimal fluid around the baby. Approximately 30 minutes prior to your scan, a glass of ice water is helpful to get your little one moving.